changes in designer are not saved

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Subject: changes in designer are not saved
Posted by:  Sergey_O (sgos@nospam.nospam)
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006

I downloaded Turbo Delphi today and now am trying its html editor. Found
a strange behavior. There are two views: designer and html code. When I
change formatting of a piece of text in designer, its appearance
changes, but if I switch to html - tags are the same as they were. And
switching back to designer - my changes dissappear. Particularly I have
a h2 tagged text and then change it to a paragraph (p). I do it with a
drop-down list in the toolbar above the document, where we can choose
among a number of formats (tags h1, h2, ul, etc). Do I do something
wrong or is it a bug?