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Subject: API
Posted by:  API (ari.pikivir…@kolumbus.fi)
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007

this might be dummy question, but i'll ask anyway - -
i started to play around with indy ftp client (indy 10.1.6)
and tried to add new thread for the long taking downloads
or uploads as follows:

    sl:= tstringlist.create;
    newftp:= tidftp.Create(self); // create additional client
      ConnectNewFtp(idftp1, newftp); // try connect with exactly same
original parameters
      sl.clear; // clear temp list
      for i:=0 to api_listbox1.Items.Count-1 do // go trough all items
        if api_listbox1.Selected[i] then // if selected
          sl.add(api_listbox1.getcolvalue(i,0)); // add directory name
      if sl.count>0 then // if any selected found
        for i:=0 to sl.count-1 do // go trough selected
          if newftp.Connected then // new client was succesfully connected
            u_ftptools.DownloadFtpDirectory(newftp, target, sl[i]) //
download folder with subs
            else u_ftptools.DownloadFtpDirectory(idftp1, target, sl[i]); //
download folder with subs
          on e: exception do
            messagedlg(e.Message, mterror, [mbok], 0); // show error that
were raised
            break; // break loop, we don't want to download more dirs
      sl.free; // free temporary list of dir names
      newftp.free; // free new client created for these download(s)

it works, but is there some OTHER way of creating new connect for
the downloads that doesn't stop the main ftp client?

lets assume that the "DownloadFtpDirectory" is transferring stream,
how would i break the download while on that phase (idftp.get);
is it possible to just raise exception to the newftp created?