.Net, Delphi 6 Pro, and Indy 9.0.18

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Subject: .Net, Delphi 6 Pro, and Indy 9.0.18
Posted by:  Gerry (gepttipa…@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007


I work at a company that has 2 programs written in Delphi 6 Pro. Both
programs are POS systems. Both allow you to process debit and credit cards.
We do this by connecting to a .Net 2.0 library provided to us. Since Delphi
6 can't directly use a .Net library, we wrote a C++ .Net wrapper around it
that allows us to use it through a windows socket.

One of the POS systems uses a standard Delphi TPowersock component. This
connects just fine and there are no problems.

The other POS system uses an Indy TIdTCPClient component to connect. The
.Net wrapper keeps popping up a lot of .Net exception windows. I can't
figure out what might be causing it. I want to use the Indy TIdTCPClient
component because it gives me much better control. There's also a
TIdAntiFreeze component on the form.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening? Should I
upgrade to the latest version of Indy?

I'd hate to have to re-write my code to use the Delphi TPowersock component.