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Subject: Socket Error # 0
Posted by:  Stephan Jaschke (ne…
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007

Hi all.

I've got a strange problem while sending mails via TIdSMTP.
This is extremly annoying as on some PC it works on others it fails.

If the error occurs once it will occur always afterwards even after reboot.

After reinstalling the client PC everything is fine again
but I've no idea what could cause or even mean "Socket Error # 0'.


operating system  : Windows XP Service Pack 2 build 2600
madExcept version : 2.7b
exception class  : EIdSocketError
exception message : Socket-Fehler # 0.

main thread ($958):
004ec5d3 VIS.exe    IdStack                  TIdStack.RaiseSocketError
004f6d50 VIS.exe    IdTCPConnection          TIdTCPConnection.WriteBuffer
004f79a2 VIS.exe    IdTCPStream              TIdTCPStream.Write
40032331 rtl70.bpl  Classes                  TStream.WriteBuffer
004fa8e2 VIS.exe    IdMessageCoderMIME      TIdMessageEncoderMIME.Encode
004f84bf VIS.exe    IdMessageCoder          TIdMessageEncoder.Encode
004fe9e9 VIS.exe    IdMessage                TIdAttachment.Encode
004fd074 VIS.exe    IdMessageClient          TIdMessageClient.SendBody
004fd6ad VIS.exe    IdMessageClient          TIdMessageClient.SendMsg
00500816 VIS.exe    IdSMTP                  TIdSMTP.Send
00502f61 VIS.exe    TjEMail                  SendEMail

Any pointers welcome.


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