Recomiling Indy10 in Delphi 2006?

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Subject: Recomiling Indy10 in Delphi 2006?
Posted by:  Gerald (gerald_mcnicho…
Date: 24 Mar 2007


I have a fresh installation of Delphi 2006 which includes Indy10. I
want to be able to change the code in IdTrivialFTPServer.pas and
recomile Indy. How do I do that?

When I try to compile the
{BDS}\4.0\source\Indy10\Protocols\dclIndyProtocols.dpk it comes up
with all sort of errors saying it things cannot be found etc.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there an easy way to recompile Indy10
in Delphi 2006?