TIdUdpClient - how to set the return port.

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Subject: TIdUdpClient - how to set the return port.
Posted by:  Jean Pion (jean_pi…@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007

    Dear readers,

I'm trying to use IdUdpClient to send data, and IdUdpServer to receive data
to and from another machine, because it does so non blocking.
On my machine I want to use the same port, say P. to send and receive.

Now I find it hard to set the return port for data sent with IdUdpClient.
If I use:

IdUdpClient.binding.port := P;

I will get an exception that P is allready used (for  the Server of course).
Is there another way to set the return address?

    Please advice, Jean.