How to add ScktComp.pas to BDS2006 Delphi32???

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Subject: How to add ScktComp.pas to BDS2006 Delphi32???
Posted by:  Bo Berglund (bo.berglu…
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007

I am trying to build a project that I maintained in Delphi7 after I
now have installed BDS2006. But when I try to do a build in Delphi32
there is a pop-up dialog saying that it cannot find TServerSocket and
asking me to remove it from the project....

Of course I don't want this. I have checked and the ScktComp.pas file
*is* in the project search path, if I click on the name in "uses" and
select "open file at cursor" it opens just fine. So what can be the
problem here?
Maybe that it is not installed in a comopnent palette tab? Well, I
tried to edit a package file but to no avail (the edit button is
greyed out on all packages). So I tried creating a new package
"BorlandOldSockets" and added the ScktComp.pas file to that package
and tried to build it. Now Delphi complains that the rtl already
contains ScktComp!!!!
So why does it not find it when I am checking my old application?

Very strange. Help appreciated!