Newbie with issues linking to Indy Library

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Subject: Newbie with issues linking to Indy Library
Posted by:  exopho…
Date: 29 Mar 2007

Please excuse my level of naivety.

I am a fairly experienced developer, though most of my experience
falls outside of using IDEs for development.

I am trying to compiles an exist BCB project that includes various
Indy Project components. I continue to get external linkage errors
similar to:

[Linker Error] Unresolved external '__fastcall
Idglobal::Sleep(unsigned int)' referenced from C:\PROGRAM FILES\BORLAND

[Linker Error] Unresolved external '__fastcall
Idipwatch::TIdIPWatch::ForceCheck()' referenced from C:\PROGRAM FILES

I am confident this is an environmental issue... I am just not sure
how to remedy it. Any suggestions?