Multiple, duplicate e-mail being sent

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Subject: Multiple, duplicate e-mail being sent
Posted by:  Joseph Gordon (pdsp…
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008


I have a program that can send an e-mail to a set of people.  It
uses Indy to send it.  I have one user that when they run the process
they some times gets multiple copies going to each person in the
list.  In one case each person got 10 e-mail.  I have look thru the
code I am using and I don't see a problem in my code.

I was able to get it to send a duplicate once when I first time I ran
the program but not again and no 10 copies, just 1 extra.  But it
never happened again.

Is there something that might 'retry' to send under some condition?
I was wondering if there is an error condition that might cause it to
retrying even though the e-mail is was actually sent.

J. Gordon