Indy on XP - D 6

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Subject: Indy on XP - D 6
Posted by:  Alan Jeffery (obser…
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008

I've just completed an Indy form that mails a message, with optional
attachments, to any designated email address.

I'm using idSMTP, and the host address as 25.

To test the performance I'm emailing to myself.  The message seems to be
posted ok, but never arrives on the mail server (Xtra - this is NZ).  There
are no errors.

I am using whatever version of Indy came with D6.  XP has the firewall
enabled.  I've checked the firewall log and there does not appear to be any
problems with it.

Can anyone come up with any ideas of anything else I may need to look for?


Alan Jeffery