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Subject: Re: Indy on XP - D 6
Posted by:  Alan Jeffery (obser…
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008

"Remy Lebeau (TeamB)" <> wrote in message
> "Alan Jeffery" <obser…> wrote in message
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> > The message seems to be posted ok, but never arrives on the mail
> > server (Xtra - this is NZ).  There are no errors.
> Have you checked your POP3 inbox to see if the messages are being bounced
> back to you separately?

Yes, nothing there.  In fact I tested an Outlook email by addressing it to
myself.  Outlook wouldn't send it.  Which is strange because earlier
versions certainly used to.  It's just that it's years since I've done
anything with sockets.

> > I am using whatever version of Indy came with D6.
> Then you are using Indy 8, which is outdated and no longer supported.
I figured that. Problem is I really don't need to use Indy for very much, at
this point, other than emailing.  Installing later versions appears to be a
quite major operation.  And fraught with the possibility of busting D6.
Right now I can't afford the down time.

Alan Jeffery
> Gambit


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