TIdhttp and enct

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Subject: TIdhttp and enct
Posted by:  fer (feridunmob…@tiasoft.com)
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008


i am trying to write a login program for a server which is originally
written by using asp

when i try to connect with a browser when i input the pid (an edit box) and
push the submit button
first a script called to validate the data.
wth this script a function named enct has been called like this

enct (pid,'xfftnfqaqseeum55nz4wyy55xfftnfqaqseeum55nz4wyy55','jp')

then the value of jp (which is encryipted pid) is posting

i use Tidttp to get and push the values.

my problem is this :

how can i call this enct function (or take the encryipted value of the pid
and post it to the server)

best regads