IndyFTP and CD command

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Subject: IndyFTP and CD command
Posted by:  Mikael Lenfors (mika…
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008


Check out the following FTP conversation done from a DOS prompt in XP.

C:\>ftp <servername>
Connected to <Servername>.
220 xTrade FTP server ready. Copyright (c) Xware AB.
User (<Servername>:(none)): <Username>
331 User '<username>' OK. Please enter password.
230-Welcome to FTP Server WMdata eBS Clearinghouse
    Node is '<Username>'. Session Id is 763874123.
    Connection time out limit is 300 seconds.
230 Logged in as '<Username>'.
ftp> cd "T: 61829"                                      <- Works only with
CD, not CWD
250 Command successful.
ftp> put filename.log card214d080331.txt
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for card214d080331.txt.
226-File accepted by server.
    Message id 58226076
226 Transfer complete.
ftp: 28000 bytes sent in 0,00Seconds 28000000,00Kbytes/sec.

Works perfectly. When I try to do the same thing from Indy FTP it fails! The
reason seems to be that when I do a ChangeDir with the Indy TIdFTP component
it sends the command CWD. How can I send CD instead?

I tried to use the SendCmd command, eg SendCmd('CD "T: 61829"'), but this
returns error code 500.

Any ideas?