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Subject: D2006 Stack overflow
Posted by:  Al (AlNOWilt…@azpcSPAMsuccess.com)
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006

Not sure if this is the best group to post, let me know if there's a better

I have a large application that ran without any problems in D7. I recompiled
under D2006 and had no big conversion problems other that to fix up a few
cases of assigning ADO SQL to TStringlist's instead of wide strings. However
as the program gets used I'm getting reports of Stack Overflow messages and
the program shutting down. I'm unable to duplicate the problem. I open to
any guidance to track this down.

There's one area I'm looking at is that I create and release a lot of forms
in the app with typical coding of:
  fmFilePrint := TfmFilePrint.Create(Application);
    with fmFilePrint do
    fmFilePrint := nil;

I set the form to nil when the program starts and after I release it so that
I'll know in other parts of the program if it's open. Perhaps with FastMM
the nil is being set before the form's onclose code finishes?

How do I access any of the FastMM memory checks?


Al Wilton
AZ PC Success LLC