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Subject: dll development
Posted by:  Markus Humm (markus.hu…@freenet.de)
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006


some questions about dll development in general:

1. are there any free tools which can check generated dlls? Or tell at
  least more infos about them than "exported functions"?

2. I'm currently developping a dll and found out that something between
  the last known good state and the current one did break it so that a
  function which wasn't altered in any way simply hung. If one debugged
  with the CPU-view on (Windows XP SP2, Delphi 2006 Arch. WIn32) one
  always saw, that the first thing the called function of the dll did,
  was a jump to "nirvana" where the CPU windo couldn't follow. If I
  restored the backup I made at the former stage all went fine again,
  but the things added weren't much and I don't think they were
  What causes a DLL to have exported functions which simply "go to
  nirvana" if called? And what causes already tested and working
  functions to turn to that, if you only add new functions to the dll
  which aren't even called yet and are after the now hanging function
  in the exports section?
  All functions/procedures are standard call by the way (StdCall)

3. Any thing which can help me in debugging/finding  out what's going on