Help Hints bug in Delphi

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Subject: Help Hints bug in Delphi
Posted by:  Marcelo Grossi (magros…
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006

Bug: Hints don't show when running certain programs on Windows.
Affected Programs: Apparently all Delphi compiled programs.
How to reproduce?
- Download "QuoteOnTable" software. It's a simple software that rights some
stuff on your screen.
- Install this program.
- Open Delphi, make a new application. Place a button on the form and enable
its ShowHint. Set its Hint property to some text of your choice.
- Run the application
- With the Quote on Table *CLOSED* check the hint we just placed on the
button. It should be working fine.
- Now open Quote on Table and check if the same hint that was working a few
seconds ago is working now. You will be surprised that it doesn't work
- You can close Quote On Table anytime and the hint magically start working
again ...

Has anyone came across this before? Is there any workarounds?

And BTW all other programs show their hints correctly in any case, only
delphi compiled apps stop showing their hints ...

I'm using Delphi 6 + Windows XP.


Marcelo Grossi