Vista Scaling

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Subject: Vista Scaling
Posted by:  Russ (nobo…
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006

I have installed the RC1 version of Vista.  Some cool stuff but several
issues in our products.  One has me very concerned.  I changed the font size
to be 109%.  It works very well in Vista.  However some things that I draw
myself, like a schedule view, does not work correctly.  I assumed it was
just a matter of taking sizes and multiplying them by
screen.pixelsperinch/pixelsperinch.  A quick test leads me to think that
screen.pixelsperinch does not change which means problems.

I need to do some more thorough tests before I am sure but I will have to
wait a couple of days.  Has anybody else noticed this?  Does anybody know a
work around if this is true?