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Subject: FreeLibrary freeze
Posted by:  Francois PIETTE [ICS - MidWare] (francois.piet…
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006

I have a large application made of a main executable and some plugin DLL
(based on JCL/JVCL code). This application run fine on a lot of computer but
on one computer FreeLibrary sometimes freeze (1 every 4 or so).

There are several plugin and the freeze happend on any of them, randomly. As
I said, it happend only on one computer running W2K workstation with all
updates applied. This computer has nothing special compared to the others.
There are plenty other computers with similar if not exactly the same
configuration (the company buy 50 computers at once).

More strangely, hoping to debug the program, I installed Delphi on the
computer and everything needed to rebuild the program. The program generated
on that computer is working fine while the program generated on my
development computer has the problem ! Same source code, same Delphi 7 with
same update, same 3rd party component. Everything's the same.

I'm lost. I don't know what you do now, what to try. I wonder what could
cause FreeLibrary to freeze.
Any advice is welcome.

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