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Subject: Re: Setting version info to a file
Posted by:  kbarthelme…
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006

Marco Cotroneo <m.c…> wrote:

>  I was wondering if it possibile to add file information record to an
>existing file so I can read it throught the properties window.
>I have some 16 bit exe and I'd like to add the version information to them.

There are resource editors available that will allow you to add or
modify the version information for a file. It is difficult to do that
to an executable while that executable is running, but if all you want
to do is a one-time modification, that should not be a problem. I
believe the various .rc and brc*.exe compilers can do that.

Whether the Properties dialog for the file will display the info you
add depends on what you add.

Good luck.




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