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Subject: Re: Throttling back if disk busy
Posted by:  Loren Pechtel (
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006

On Sat, 30 Sep 2006 09:13:21 +0100, "Brian Cryer"
<brian.cry…> wrote:

>I have a few home-grown applications which are quite heavy on disk i/o, but
>which are light on cpu, need to be run but can be given a low priority. One
>example for instanace is a backup application. I currently run these at low
>priority but I find even then that they slow the pc down because the disk is
>maxed out (and opening say a new application when the disk is maxed out
>takes an age).
>In an ideal world I would like to be able to give my application the
>equivalent of having the lowest priority in the disk access queue - but I
>know windows doesn't work like that. So, does anyone know whether it is
>feasible to detect how busy the disk is and then trottle back (i.e. sleep I
>suppose) if the disk is busy?
>I know an alternative would be to run the aps at other times, but this is on
>my desktop pc so I don't want to leave it on over night and I want to be
>able to have the aps run without making my pc seem slow.

I don't have an answer but I certainly do sympathize--I've hit the
same problem before.


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