ActiveDs_TLB - import problem

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Subject: ActiveDs_TLB - import problem
Posted by:  Alan T (alanNOSPAMplt…
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007


To work with Active directory:
I tried to install this type library, ActiveDs_TLB into D7.

I used
Project| Import type library

Add this file from Windows\System32\activeds.tlb.
It shows in the list box as 'Actice DS Type Library (Version 1.0).
The Palette page is ActixeX.

Then I click the 'Install...' button.
I chose install into existing package, ie. dclusr.dpk.

Then compile but got the following error:
"Access violation at address 003577BF in module 'designide70.bpl'.
Read of address 00000000."

Any idea?