Advice and Oinions required.

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Subject: Advice and Oinions required.
Posted by:  steve (ma…
Date: 15 Jul 2007

My next project is to build a Document Server. I have spec'd most of
the project, using RemObjects to handle messages etc and now I need a
method of printing / faxing / emailing letters with data taken from the
backend database. I am considering using MailMerge and word as the
engine to do this, but am a bit concerened as to weather I will get the
neeccessary control over all elements.
Does anyone have any opinions or ideas about alternative print engines,
I have used Crystal Reports in the past and would consider this, but
creating templates for new reports / documents puts this task back inth
the hands of the development team where as most users can organize word
Is there any limit on data sizes for word's mailmerge. Some documents
will just be short letters others will be pages of Fact find