Re: TPowerPointApplication and PowerPoint 2007

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Subject: Re: TPowerPointApplication and PowerPoint 2007
Posted by:  harrie (hpear…@magian[dot]com)
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007

Well I went back to basics using
CreateOleObject('PowerPoint.Application') and
PowerPoint.Presentations.Open('PresName.ppt', msoFalse) but get the same
end result with it working on my dev computer with Office 2003 but not
on the client's running Office 2007.

On the client's computer PowerPoint will start with CreateOleObject but
calls to PowerPoint.Presentations.Add(True) or
PowerPoint.Presentations.Open('PresName.ppt', msoFalse) throw an
exception with error message 'unspecified error'.

The requirement is to display a powerpoint presentation (.pps) in an
application that can be resized to fullscreen or in a window which I
have working with Office 2003 and below. so unless I get any
break-throughs the only option I can think of starting the .pps file
using shellexecute and then grabbing the presentation window with

cheers, harrie.

harrie wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have a Delphi 6 application that uses the TPowerPointApplication
> component which works with all versions of PowerPoint except 2007.
> Do I need to have PowerPoint 2007 installed on my dev machine for this
> to work? I have Office 2003 on my dev machine but the client is using 2007.
> The program doesn't need any new features of PowerPoint 2007 and so I
> didn't want to purchase Office 2007 .. unless I have too >:|
> Cheers, harrie.


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