Continuing problems with using 3rd party COM

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Subject: Continuing problems with using 3rd party COM
Posted by:  William Meyer (meyer.w…
Date: 31 Jul 2007

I am continuing to struggle with a 3rd party supplier's COM interface
to their hardware. This morning, I was sent the following code snippet
as a possible solution to my problem:

//encoder object
IVendorEncodeControl encoder;

int result;

//create and initialize encoder
VendorComApi.CreateEncoderMngrObj(out encoder, 0, out result);
if (result < 0) throw new VendorException(result);

//typecast encoder control as property interface
IVendorProperty property = (IVendorProperty)encoder;

The basic problem here is that when I convert this to Delphi, the
compiler complains when I attempt the cast. It appears to be one of
those times when strong typing may not be my friend.

Any insights would be appreciated.