Using a VCL Control in a DLL

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Subject: Using a VCL Control in a DLL
Posted by:  Mitchell Vincent (mit…
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007

I'm new to Delphi (coming from PowerBasic/PureBasic/VB.NET/C#) and have
a few questions about using VCL components in DLLs.

I have a VCL control that I would like to use through another software
written in PB. I hope I can wrap the control's functionality up into a
non-ActiveX DLL. Is that possible? It is event driven so I assume I'll
have to put the event handlers in the DLL itself. It needs to accept
string values passed in but only return a true/false value back to the
program calling the DLL function.

If so, would anyone have any tips or examples that I could use to go by?

- Mitchell