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Subject: Printing question
Posted by:  Markus.Humm (…
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2007


I have now a pos printer and want to enable my application to use it.
Unfortunatelly it only comes with a Windows 2000/XP driver but will be
used on a laptop with Windows ME. It has a parallel port and supports
ESC/Pos emulation from Epson and I have the programming manual as well.

My development system is a Windows XP computer, my first atempt to
install ME into a VM failed due to it being a OEM recovery CD which
found out that my VM wasn't the right PC... And as I wanted to look into
the batch files used by the recovery installer on the host PC my anti
virus intervened claiming to have found a virus...grr!

The question is, I had done printer programming in the past under DOS so
I'm fairly familiar with sending ESC sequences etc.
I'd like to know whether ME has a text only printer driver which I could
use and then simply send the necessary ESC sequences on my own? Can I do
this using TPrinter? I don't linke to talk directly to the LTP port
under Windows as I like to keep the app. portable.

Even if there is some dedicated Windows driver for any given printer is
there some standard way to send control characters to it?