Delphi 7 and NI PCI-6221

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Subject: Delphi 7 and NI PCI-6221
Posted by:  Göran P (gora…@ueabDOTnet)
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007

Hello !

I have a question about writing a program which communicate with a card,
PCI-6221 from Natinal Instrunents. I don't know if this is the correct forum
for this type of question, let me know.

Anyhow, to my questions.

I'm interrested to make a special application thats read/write from the
analog/digital inputs/outputs on the card. Mostly is it readings thats has
the focus, writting to the card only a few times.
Proberly I think it will be needed to read approx 2000 tp 10000 times per

I've tried to found out some sample code for it but hasn't found anything.
To determ if this is a small or huge project, (or something between), I'm
interrested to here if there are anybody who has some exprience.

- Has anybody made a project in Delphi 7 which communicate with this type of
card ?

- If, what was the "feeling" of this project, was it complicated or not?
Special things to take care of ?

- What was the preformance of it, how often was the values readed /writted
to the card ? (R/W per sceonds, computer, memory, CPU load, etc).

- Which type of driver where used ?

- Does somebody knows a place where I could found some sample code, just for
to see how I could "hook" into the card and could read/write from/to it ?

I look forwards to any type of comments.

Göran Pettersson