Persistent Tfield, and decimalseparator problem

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Subject: Persistent Tfield, and decimalseparator problem
Posted by:  Didier Gasser-Morlay (didier…
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007

My apologies for double posting but I did post this originally in the
database newsgroup where it did not seem to raise a lot of excitement
:), so this might be a better group to ask:

I have a tQuery with persistent tFields, created on a french system ie
sysutils.decimalseparator = ',' and sysutils.thousandseparator = space

if on the program initialisation, I set the decimalseparator to '.' and
the sysutils.thousandseparator to ',' and then display the data in a
tdbgrid, the display is correct (ie the decimal separator in a
floatfield is '.' but on editing I cannot type a '.', only a ','

If I do not have persistent fields or if I change the Windows settings
then everything works as you would expect (ie I can see and type the
default decimal separator as a decimal separator)

Does anyone knows one of the following
- where is a persistent tfield storing the decimal separator to use ?
- can I change it.

So that you understand the reasons behind the question: French keyboards
being quite stupidly made, very often (not always) even though the
standard decimal separator is a comma, the numeric keypad holds a
fullstop forcing users to go and get the comma on the alphanumeric
keyboard which is a real king-size PITA.

Thanks in advance for your ideas