scaleby nightmare - help please

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Subject: scaleby nightmare - help please
Posted by:  Juan Ortanobas (boo…
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007

Hi all,

Delphi 7 - I'm coding an app that scales it's forms. The thing worked
without any problem until I recently add an event handler to a form.
after this is done the form doesn't scale well. It has one pagecontrol. The
first page looks as if it where scaled two or three times. The second page
is not scaled at all.

fortunately I had backup files, and after overwriting the forms files it
scales well again.

than I add the event handler for a button and the thing scales bad.

I'm sure the problem is related to adding an event handler, but can't figure
out why it is making the form behave so weird.

If anyone may know what am I doing wrong please let me know.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Juan Ortanobas