[Q] Delphi 2006 - TXPManifest and TPanel.....

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Subject: [Q] Delphi 2006 - TXPManifest and TPanel.....
Posted by:  Donovan J. Edye (donovan@nospam.namsys.com.au)
Date: 20 Nov 2007


When using one of these components then all TPanels are grey no matter
what I set the colour to. So for instance a clRed TPanel still looks
grey. Using the same RES file under Delphi 6 does show the panel as red.

Is this expected behaviour? If so how do I have a TPanel that is a
different colour? Preferably a generic solution as I have a heap of
components that contain TPanels with custom colours.

Also trying the following:

if InitThemeLibrary then
  SetWindowTheme(Panel1.Handle, nil, '');

has no effect on the TPanel.


-- Donovan