double right click in a DBgrid

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Subject: double right click in a DBgrid
Posted by:  sjors (helpde…
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007

Sorry for the newbee question, I just cannot find this....

How do I make a method that reacts on the double right click in a DBGrid?

I am working with Delphi5. From the IDE and the form design window right
double clicking does not create a method, like they otherwise seem to do. In
some other code I can find functions that probably have names according to
the event created on the form, but I cannot find what the name should be,
hence find some info. Should it be something like:

procedure TFormRA.MyDBGridRightDblClick(
procedure TFormRA.MyDBGridRghtDblClick(
procedure TFormRA.MyDBGridDblRightClick(

And would just making a method with the right name be sufficient since it
probably then overwrites a method in a parent Form object?