Colours and XPManifest revisited

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Subject: Colours and XPManifest revisited
Posted by:  Paul (
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007

Hi  -

I am posting regarding the problems with XPManifest and colours not
being displayed as expected.

Before I start I should just say that I am aware that there is a bug
here and about the work-arounds to get components like TLabel to
display colour properly.

The problem I am having is specific to TStatusBar and the XPmanifest
colour bug.

The problem is that trying all of the owrk-arounds suggested does not
seem to work with TStatusbar(setting the Parentcolour to true - then
back again.)

Does anyone know a way to overcome XPManifest colour bug with regards
TStatusbar ?



OS : Windows XP Service Pack 2
Delphi : 2005 Service Pack 3 Installed
Version 9.0.1935.22056
CPU : AMD 3500+
Memory 1Gig